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22 Feb


This blog will be periodically added to, so as to inform any readers of current changes afoot both here at the motel, and generally around the area. Wherever you choose to stay whilst travelling, make sure this City gets enough time devoted to it, you will not be disappointed by it or it’s surroundings.

Latest news as of 26th August 2016, the motel is now investing in faster internet, that’s VDSL for the computer savvy ones among you. The faster download speed is impressive enough, but it is the upload speed which is truly fantastic. Skype calls should work really well now both ways. Speeds in excess of 20 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up are common when closest to an antenna. Faster speeds have been measured outside of peak times.
As we now have a much more generous data allowance from our ISP (Vodafone), we can give free wi-fi for multiple devices in each room. There will be no more charges made to customers. This is FREE wi-fi to the max!!

This motel building has just been given a 'clean bill of health' regarding earthquake strength. No improvements need be made to the structure to bring it in line with requirements. In other words we are already earthquake sound. Yet another reason why choosing Greenview Hotel makes such good sense.. Posted May 9th 2014.

FREE WI-FI ? Not long ago we had a system which couldn’t deliver a strong enough signal to all rooms, and it was not very secure for the motel or it’s guests. The decision was taken to improve on this situation. Several thousands of dollars later we are now able to get wi-fi in all rooms, the signal is three to four bars strong, and what is more the password protected gateway system gives each device the security the modern traveler demands.

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